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Cape Ann Visitors Overview...
Cape Ann is a community of three towns (Rockport, Manchester and Essex) and a city (Gloucester) located about 30 miles northeast of Boston. Hundreds of thousands of visitors are attracted to this "other" Cape every year for its scenic beauty, beaches, history, art galleries, restaurants, whale watch cruises, antiques, and other attractions. An important factor to the Cape Ann visitor is that, not only is Cape Ann a beautiful, interesting place to spend a vacation, it's close to two of New England's other major destinations, Boston and Salem. Many visitors who plan to spend time in Boston and Salem choose to stay on Cape Ann for its seaside charm and homey lodgings, and spending some of their time here and some on day trips. However you divide your time, you'll find a Cape Ann getaway or vacation to be unique, special, and memorable. Conversely, if you are spending time in Boston, one or two days on Cape Ann is a must, and it's easily accessible from the Boston area. Download a map of Cape Ann.

Before we embark on our Cape Ann adventure, a brief bit of history... We all know that the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620. Cape Ann was named and "discovered" soon thereafter when a splinter group from Plymouth seeking good fishing grounds landed here in 1623 and dubbed it "Cape Anne" after Queen Anne of England. We say "discovered" because in 1607 the French explorer Charlemagne sailed into Gloucester Harbor, and also being suitably impressed, dubbed it "Le Beau Port." However, arrival in 1623 from the Pilgrim group was the first settlement by Europeans on these local shores, and the name they gave to the land survives to this day.

More Gloucester history and orientation, plus Rockport, Essex and Manchester, all with their their own attractions and histories, are covered in the articles about each town.

See Gloucester

    Gloucester is America's original seaport, still active and lively, after more than 375 years. This remarkable small city offers its famous harbor and waterfront, restaurants, art, museums, whale watching cruises, historic walks and much more.

See Rockport

    You hear the phrase "quaint seacoast village" so often that it becomes a cliché, but this description fits Rockport well. An enjoyable place to spend a day, weekend or vacation, Rockport welcomes tourists from around the world and day trippers from greater Boston for a variety of reasons.

See Essex

    This scenic small town has retained much of the character and charm of its nineteenth century heritage, when it was the shipbuilding capital of America. Essex offers visitors cruises on its beautiful winding river, dozens of antique shops and famous seafood restaurants, quiet charm and beautiful scenery.

See Manchester-by-the-Sea

    Manchester is a beautiful New England town with a nice downtown area, picturesque harbor and wonderful beach. The quietest of the Cape Ann communities welcomes visitors with a number of shops, restaurants, a local museum and scenic landscapes.


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